And I don't have a reason to be. I guess just starting/spending my day with the shittiest person on the fucking Earth puts me in a bad mood. This is the most upset I have been in at least 10 years.

What will I write about for it? It is 1:45 AM, I am making coffee, and attempting to stay awake all throughout the night because I have to be somewhere at 10 AM tomorrow, so sleep will be unnecessary. I just have a good amount of energy, is all. All-nighters are not uncommon for me, especially when I have a new toy (computer). But especially when I have a full day ahead of me the next day. If it is an event, I will be sure to get sleep. If it is just a busy day of running around, usually no sleep. Coffee will assist me with this venture.

So did I learn any lessons from blogging for a year (almost daily)? No. Because if there were to be a lesson learned, it would have been in 2007 when I first blogged everyday for a year (incl Xmas, etc etc). What were those lessons?

  • consistency is good
  • you won't have a good amount of readers for quite some time (now if at all, blogging is dead, some say)
  • intentional writing is key (sit down and just start writing, don't worry what is written, just get the fingers a-movin')
  • don't edit-as-you-go. Write everything and then edit it before hitting Publish
  • write like you talk, talk like you write. Many people have knocked me for this over the years (incl people in academia) but it is honestly the best way to get words down. If they can't understand, maybe they don't understand YOU and they shouldn't be reading your content.
  • more words the better. Hence why I disdain short status updates. I actually got quite bad at them over the years, causing me to leave all social media. People seem to have volumes of drafts of perfectly-worded prose to say on the socials, and I just say stuff plainly. Fuck if I care, though ;)

And the number 1 lesson I learned was: if you see an opportunity, or break to do something else for a living outside of blogging or/and writing in general still don't quit writing. Do it on the regular regardless. Being a better writer makes you a better reader (and vice versa). Being a better writer makes you valuable to other organisations (in terms of jobs) and institutions (such as higher education). It keeps the mental juices flowing, it's therapeutic, and you will get to know yourself a lot better.

That's all

I don't think a lot of people actually visit the HOME page of this blog (or at least don't scroll all the way to the bottom), so I added the e-mail subscription module at the bottom of the /now and about part of this blog (which slowly get more visitors every day). To be honest, I don't have a lot of e-mail subscribers to this blog (which is fine). I think the most I ever had was four. I blog a lot, though. And that means I am flooding the Inbox of whoever subscribes, and that is not good. There is a thing going in the Labs section of addressing a possibility having a box (that you can tick) to choose WHICH blog posts get sent out as e-mails, and which do not. That way I can simply send out one per week, or something like that.

In just one year's time!

This is great! I think the most I have had on a blog before was 13K, but that didn't count because it counted the re-blogs, as well (it was on Tumblr). Before that, it was 5K on a gossip blog I ran. Both of those numbers took years to get to, so having 1K in ONE year is like a record for me! :)


The Advanced Section of PSShub v.2.5 was all messed up, I fixed all of that right away. Can't believe I didn't notice that before. I am going to toy around with Jotttt for a bit, so I will be back ;)

....Of the hazelnut varietal.

I've been going mad with boredom all day but I suppose I shouldn't be because I do have a computer to MAKE stuff with, but I haven't been doing so opting to focus on college, instead. I still have a month and 11 days before the semester starts, though, so I should make something in that time period. Also, when I have been lacking proper nutrition or/and soda, I tend to get pretty dog gone lazy. I don't know why this is coffee won't cut it. Nevertheless, I am getting soda tomorrow as well as quite a bit of food, and then (or even before then), I will start thinking of what to MAKE.

After writing as much as I did yesterday, I am taking a break from writing for today. At least in the form of e-book writing. Was a very productive day yesterday, twas good.

I slept in, that is for sure. Then went to the store for food. Now, letting in the cool air because it is 51 degree outside and I am enjoying it even though it is somewhat rainy.

Lame update, I know

And to be accurate, a bowl of Presbyterian Mixture pipe tobacco. And the coffee is hazelnut. Plus Xmas music is playing. With the way I have been GOOOOOING lately, people on here probably think I am some sort of coke head. But I promise, I am just a coffee hound who has to keep myself preoccupied so I do not go crazy. Boredom, in and of itself, is probably the worst Hell that any human being can experience. At least from my perspective. So when 5 AM rolls around, I am going to the store and buying some food and get some proper fresh air.

That's all for now

Life has been productive for months. Really been putting in every effort to make the right choices, stay positive and motivated, and keeping in mind that a body in motion tends to stay in motion. All of this is positive.

In order to do this properly (or at all) was to FIRST disconcern myself with the digital clutter in my day-to-day life. And I am not referring to applications on my phone or kilobytes of data on the cloud. No, I am referring to the media clutter consuming every waking moment of my day(s) and robbing me of an active life of well-being.

It's staggering how much media is consumed (like a rage drug) by an average American. Being in the minimalist movement for the better part of a decade, I've seen the multiple studies showing that (on average) any ordinary Joe will put in their work day, and then return home only to watch six (6) hours of television per day. It's obvious what a waste of time that is, but these numbers have only increased (dramatically, no doubt) with the proliferation of social media screens looking back at the ordinary Joe throughout the day before they even get home which doesn't technically amount to vegging out in front of a show for an hour+, but in small installments the minutes add up to even more time, attention, and mental energy being robbed (I use that term literally) from said person.

I am not here to fix other people's problems, though. I am here to say that by subtracting these mediums from my life (altogether, accounts deleted, never to be revisited again) everything has gone from night to day improvement with fantastic results.

Just wanted to say that.

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