Joplin. The note-taking #app. Very good. Simple enough for my tastes. Cross-platform. #FOSS. Hits all the right notes (pardon the pun). So I am using it now. Gonna keep using it. And thats all there is to that.

So, I am at the rents, doing laundry, ordered a big ol bag of Ryan & Daughters Virginia Pipe Tobacco, and also got some smokes for right now. In the form of Swisher BLK cigars of course.

Also, taking the day off tomorrow from walking because I need rest as I recently picked up the pace on my walks to a good 3 mph when I am on pavement. Good, brisk exercise there :)

Thats all for now.

To never take selfies again

To never post my face online again (except Insta where there are family members that I care about)

To not use my real name or anything like it on the WWW again

To never talk about myself again

To never be a self-absorbed, conceited dick like I have been for thale past 7+ years

Times are changing

Paramore sucks. I don't know why I even revisit anything past AWKIF? Hayley hopped on the bands Insta acct to announce that they are not announcing anything and it's like: GOOD! Unless they are announcing an AWKIF throwback tour, I don't wanna hear about it.

I still adore HW, she's cute as can be and I like her (public) personality. I haven't ever met her. She might be a shitstain IRL, but I withhold judgement until I can prove that.

But Paramore is AAAAASSSSSSSS since the Riot-era and I don't see how a band goes downhill so quickly and for that long. Whatever. I am done giving a fuck about a pop-punk band from 2006. Lame as can be.

In other news: what have I been listening to lately? Well, I just discovered Pest earlier this evening (death metal) that was fairly good. Not melodic but...rythmic I suppose. Good stuff. Will listen again.

And also, too, I cannot sleep. Damn near midnight on a Wednesday and I have every intention of being up BY 8 AM tomorrow to walk to and thru Cliff Cave Park to the Mississippi Overlook area and I have everything ready to go for this trek but I have not gotten any sleep yet since last night. So, I need to work on that.

Be back in a bit!

I made a form for people to fill out (should they want to) called and I hope people use it should they derive any benefit from anything I have put into the WWW.

This includes:

  • one e-book
  • one privacy-centric resource page
  • one blog (this one)
  • and soon, one (very good) Pong game

I will get feedback for the Pong game a plenty on (should it not get blammed). I hope it survives the voting process. I will not read much of the commentary on it, though. There can be some mean folks on that site / is moderated poorly.

So, if anyone likes this shit I make / build / write, no NEED to say anything, but... You're welcome?


Decided that onNovember 1, 2019 I am going to be buyhing a refurbished MacBook Pro from the Apple reseller around the corner from my apartment and as soon as I get my hands on it, I am going to make a Ponggame (a GOOD one!) and put it up on + :))))

I have been wanting to make this Pong game for a while and since I basically know what I am doing (+ learn quick, anyway) from building my FIRST Pong game in the #CS50x class in 2018, this thing is going to be a blast to make, and I am going to be building it in #Scratch2.

I am going to be doing this 100% for ME and for FUN and if you cannot already tell, I had a very productive therapy appt today, and I gained a hell of a lot of confidence in myself. Good times, indeed.

Also, I bought a lot of fruit and coffee and other good stuffs at the store earlier, and have nothing to do tomorrow AM so I am going to get in a 4+ mile walk at Cliff Cave Park (again) around 8:30 AM as long as the #STLWX is good (and it will be).

Priority #1 : exercise

Priority #2 : build the Pong game

No other outstanding priorities in my life at this time. LOL! Seriously though, these are the things I am focusing most on. I suppose it is good to be an early Millennial and not have to give a fuck about having kids or obtaining a mortgage or burdening my life with stress and other bullshit when I can just be a happyindividual all by my damnself and not care about conformity. That sounded a bit chessy, but whatever.

Go, life!

There is an Insta acct I follow called Vintage Audio love and it got me thinking of a nice vintage LOOKING/minimalist AM/FM radio I could buy for my stereo cabinet. I think I am going to ask for it for my birthday (November) and then I can have something to listen to NPR on. Sometimes I will listen to 105.7 The Point and sometimes KSHE 95 , but really just NPR.

It is also possible that i order this vintage/minimalist/AM/FM radio unit with my own money sooner rather than later because I will not have to spend a bunch of $$$ on tobacco as I have more or less quit the habit. Not outright, but I am only using nicotine lozenges for right now.

Anyway, I look forward to this little radio unit I am about to buy and wanted to blog about it while I sit here in a waiting room.

Instead of ko-fi which asks for money, or BuyMeACoffee which asks for coffee money, I just made a simple TY page at where people can fill out a small form (if they wish) to say Thank You for something I probably built on the Internet. I am going to add it to https/ soon, as well as

Not right at this moment, though (2:50 AM)

I like being alive. Its swell. So I am going to quit smoking altogether and just use a lozenge and nicotine gum. Much easier. HealthiER, too. Good times.

No walking today though cause I got four miles in yesterday. I will get in the miles Wednesday, though. :):):)

Be back in a bit!

Is it still a thing I practice?



Letting go was easy. I got addicted to decluttering. Was, and still is, fun. But I seem to care less about how much I have in my life. If I have too much and the amount of things bothers me, I declutter. If not, things stay where they are.

I am about to declutter again in October 2020 (a year from now) when I HOPEFULLY move to Canada. The big cities up there can be expensive so I am hoping I can find a somewhat rural AirBnb and just enjoy a littttle solitude somewhere where the sky looks pretty at night. Things wont matter then.

I said something in a journal just now to the affect of : I love seeing people travel not to live vicariously, but because I did some traveling in the past, too, and would like to again. Like Canada. In 2021.

I full plan on living up to this statement. I need to move somewhere nice (and not hot) for 6 months to a year and Canada is where I will go, but I do not know what city.

More on this later ...

Went to Cliff Cave Park this morning

Saw a lot of deer, incl one that was 15 feet away from me that I got a picture of.

Walked 4+ miles in total and two of those were on a primitive trail (dirt trail).

Now I am at home and waiting for my carpets to be cleaned but I have no idea whenthey are showing up

61 degrees in STL today. Damn nice.

I found a pretty sick minimalist AM/FM radio by a company called Sangrean for $150 and I think I am going to ask for it for my birthday (in November). I don't know what led me to research (or at least look at pictures of) vintage-looking audio equipment this AM, but I did for about a half hour before I went to Cliff Cave Park.

Fun times