3:10PM. Wired On Caffeine. Snowing Outside.

Oddly enough, it is snowing IN FRONT of my apartment but not BEHIND my apartment. I walked to BP and got (the wrong) cigars and it was bowing the entire walk there, but as I look outside – I don’t see a single flake.

I feel good, though. I have a busy day ahead of me tomorrow, hopefully will get not terrible news from the doctor (I don’t think I will), and then I will come home and hope to get the packages in the mail instead of Tuesday. Sooner the better.

In fact, the entire week is filled with things to do!

And in the midst of all this, awaiting for packages in the mail containing both Xmas gifts and personal items. So, busy busy. But then everything slows down during next weekend when I will be here in my apartment for three days while most of the rest of the family are in Branson, MO (a girls-only trip and most of my family are girls).

So, all is good. I will enjoy the time to myself to get things done in terms of writing, re-designing PSShub v.4.0, and doing whatever else need be done for STLCC.

Good times, indeed.