7 AM Coffee (On A Rainy Day)

I was going to go to the BP gas station on the corner and buy smokes straight away this morning before 8 AM so I could avoid the thunderstorm that is coming, but decided on a cup of black coffee, instead, seeing as I have cigarettes for right now, anyway. Coffee sounded a hell of a lot better than a walk in the drizzling rain, anyway.

So now onto the days events: which amount to nada. I think a friend is coming over later (yet to be determined), and I know I will get to the BP gas station at some point throughout the day, but hands are slightly tied until my RPi arrives. Even when it arrives and I do not have an Internet connection for it – it is still a CanaKit setup, so it ha the Noobs OS MicroSD in the box along with all the other connectivity peripherals, so I will not need an Internet connection to get it up and running and put into use. I have the keyboard, I have the mouse, I WILL have the monitor the day before the CanaKit arrives (apparently). Oddly enough, the Pi (currently in Missouri) is arriving Wed, and the monitor (currently in Illinois) is arriving Tuesday, and I live in St Louis, MO, so I am not sure how that works. But, it will get here when it gets here.

Speaking of Internet connectivity, I paid my $30 CricketWireless bill last night (which I think I mentioned here), and I have already burned through a good chunk of a gig of data. LOL! I have been watching a few YouTube videos since the data calendar “rolled over” or whatever. So, it is crucial that I get the LTE hotspot ON December 4 when I am out and about that day. That is the day I meet with an academic advisor, as well, so I am excited to get that all moving along.

More later. Coffee is up. Be back in a bit!