75% Used

... of my data, that is. I burn through data pretty quick I admit but I figure 2 gigabytes would last me a litttttle longer than a day. I was wrong. I need to get that LTE hotspot ASAP. December 4 is the date we have planned for that. (As well as a bunch of other ish I gotta get done that day)

When these data speeds slow down, I will only be using write.as and the Joplin notes/writing app. No more YouTube videos. This is 100% fine by me, btw.

Speaking of YT videos, I have been watching some “study with me” videos from Ali Abdaal, KharmaMedic, and Ruby Granger. They can be fun to watch. Also a lot of videos regarding the Institute Of Advanced Study (IAS). The latter I am watching not to learn to study better (lmao) but because I am interested in all higher research institutions and new breakthroughs in different areas of academia. I did have an app called Researcher for iOS where you could use it as a portal for different scholarly journals, but you still had to pay for each, and that is very expensive, so I uninstalled it. I should have access to some scholarly journal portal (for free) when classes begin at STLCC, but I am not sure what it is or what it will be called. Looking forward to it, though.

Time to eat up another 25% of 2 gigs of data (whatever that amounts to)!

Be back in a bit!