Blogging Didn’t Die – People Just Sold Out

I “get” wanting to be one of the “big guys” in the journalism world. Writing for a NY “real” media publication and all of it’s benefits, the flashy interviews, etc. It probably makes sense for the passionate writer or for someone who wants more stability to bring up a family than what blogging would offer.


Don’t take (nor envy) a job like this and then say “blogging is dead”. If YOUR blogging career, occupation, habits, etc. came to an end it is because YOU ended it!

Now, before anyone gets dreams of creating a blog and then selling out to a digital agency, just remember what happened to TheSuperficial, Pink Is The New Blog, Egotastic, and a whole host of other celebrity gossip blogs that sold out to a handful of wealthy digital agencies in the promise of bIg MoNeY and lots of access – they got burned! Bad! Egotastic has been kicked down the road to more owners than I can count and TheSuperficial and PITNB are non-existent. There are other factors at play: social media came about and many people kept their eyes there instead of the front page of blogs, etc. etc. But really, it is because blogs sold out (some, certainly not all, of them).

So, remember a few things about the realities of having a blog in 2019 (and beyond):

That’s all