Coffee It Is, Then

Been reading more often these days, and I gotta say, I like a lot of the content on here (though obvs not every single little thing). I am going to make it a habit to read a few posts a day. Some of the blogs I have subscribed to via e-mail on here are:

I have a thing going in the Labs section of about how it would be cool if we could select which blog posts went out via “drop-down menu” similar to how an author can choose which blog posts go to Twitter or Tumblr, so that every single one of my blog posts don’t fill up (spam) someone’s inbox when I am obsessively blogging all day. I would like to do one blog post per day that went to the inbox of e-mail subscribers, instead.

Anyway, today is December 1 and that means three(3!) months since using the Big Blue Bird (Twitter). I am ecstatic over that because before I couldn’t even make it a full month! Go, me! I have been super-productive in this time, too.

Etc etc

I also have plans for an Pong game (which I am excited about), and also have been blogging/journaling away during this time, as well.

The coffee is good, by the way.

Be back in a bit!