Got Some Work Done

Began work (continued it, really) on MMMhub and I am going to be assembling the remainder of what I have in “Pages” for iPad, and then I will get everything set up and looking pretty on with a little help from our trusty friends HTML + CSS. I can only compile everything (with any sense of ease) once iPadOS arrives and I have

A) mouse support

B) desktop-class Safari

Until then everything will be put together in a sort of “e-book” layout on Pages. I really like Pages I think it looks v sexy.

The method to the madness is: it goes as a sort of non-decluttering method. That is to say – instead of looking at all the stuff you have and developing emotional attachments to some (or all) your things, and going from Z to X, eliminate all that shit by going from X to Y to Z and figuring out what you actually,really, truly NEED + WANT + ACTUALLY USE and then evolving from there. It’s the easiest method in my eyes.

Anyway, that is all for now. Be back in a bit! #minimalism