I’m Using Chromium (Or I Will Be)

Contradiction. Big time. I run https://PSShub.online, a site devoted to helping people DeGoogle themselves (stop using Google Services), I am vehemently anti-Google, and I swore I would only use Firefox (or even Safari) from now on until forever.

But, I am going to use Chromium on the RPi when the Pi 4 arrives in the mail tomorrow.

Why is this?

Because there is the least amount of friction between me, the browser, and the content I need to access on the STLCC portal where all of my online classes are going o be hosted (they call it “Banner Self-Service” and there is also “BlackBoard”). I am putting my priority of having a successful college experience ABOVE my disdain for Google. For now. No appy polly loggies. Just how it is going to be.

However, do I think YOU should run out and use Chrome if you primarily use your device(s) to consume content or for non-Web-centric work? Well, no. Even if you just use Safari – at least Apple has somewhat of a big(ger) commitment to privacy than Google does. For sure.

As far as Gmail, Google Drive, and even Google Search – all easily replaceable (and I have done so, and will continue to do so moving forward). ProtonMail, NextCloud, and DuckDuckGo replace the ones I just mentioned and those are just the few off the top of my head.

But anyway, just putting it out there that Chromium will be the (highly scaled-down, super-customized) browser I will be using on the Pi. There it is.