In Bed. But Not Tired.

1:43 AM and I am totally awake. No need for sleep right now I don’t think. But anyway, I paid my (now lowered) Cricket Wireless bill and only had to shell out $27 because I downgraded to the $30 p mo plan as I am soon getting WiFi (via unlim LTE Hotspot device) and will not be needing the extra data on my phone, itself. I will put the saved money towards the monthly hotspot bill, and use my iPhone as a 2FA device for the most part. I could get a feature phone, but that seems like a hassle. I am more than OK with just holding onto this iPhone 6 and being able to text and whatnot on it, and just using my own wIlL pOwEr to avoid spending too much time on Insta and whatnot. Besides, no speakers built into the ViewSonic monitor I ordered, so until I buy speakers, all video + music will be done via this phone. I am not terribly confident in the RPi sound card capabilities (or lack thereof) because I have tried to listen to audio on several RPi’s in the past and it just doesn’t work.

So, again – keeping this iPhone for now.