No Sleep. Can’t Sleep. Won’t Sleep. (Because It Is 8 PM)

Instead I am listening to my punk playlist on Spotify and having a sodie and just enjoying the night.

Not what to say right now other than when I went to the vending machine to get the sodas, it was already dark outside (as per usual in Winter at this hour) and there were a LOT of people out and about. Weird.

I was very tired earlier until I slept for four hours and nowI am totally awake. This blog post can basically be marked as spam because I am just rambling but that brings me to my next point: we (people on NEED a drop down menu option for what goes to e-mail subscribers and what doesn’t. The staff has been very helpful on this and I have a thing going in the Labs section of (as I mentioned the other day). Anyway, this blog post is a perfect example of what I would NOT send to e-mail subscribers because it is a little “off-the-cuff” and not well-written nor very interesting.

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