NOW It Is Night Time

I discovered a new shop today (online) which is critical for me as I do not use Amazon (and never will again). The site is called Present & Correct and they sell all kinds of stationary, notebooks, calendars, and old school things that can come in handy for someone like me. I prefer to keep an offline, physical calendar as well as a digital one (in fact, I just got TimePage by Moleskine for the iPad). I also like to have notebooks handy and my favorite pens, the Precise V7 for any offline journaling or/and drawing I may want to do. But I think I am going to try a fountain pen for the first time in my life from the Present & Correct site. I could see myself really enjoying ink that loose. Haha. I would also need a notebook to go with it and I like their 365 journal. Journaling (offline, handwritten) for a year straight would be good for me, I think. I already write offline in my IdeaBook on the regular, but a daily journal dedicated to just journaling would be good, too.

So now it is 10:09 PM and I am wide awake an I think I am going to do some journaling right now. Be back in a bit!