That was a well-deserved nap after going almost non-stop every day since Thanksgiving. I had things booked, appointments made, places to be every day this week and the weekend before and now it is just me. :) Everyone I know is going to Branson, MO this weekend but I am not because I never going on traditional vacations (opting for a good backpacking trip, instead). My idea of a vacay is not to go somewhere where I have to spend hella money just to amuse myself. I can hop on a bus and go to St Louis (the city) just up the road if I want to do that. Some people actually come here for vacation sometimes, and I find that bizarre (the arch really is something to see IRL, though).

Now, there is some cleaning up to do. The apartment needs a good once over, so I am going to do that right now.

I try not to repeat myself with blog posts, so this one is Untitled instead of Home Sweet Home. The STLCC books: NOT purchased, yet. The bookstore was closed. I am going Tuesday to buy them which is fine because classes do not start until Jan. 21, 2020. I also went to the store and bought hella food (and did laundry and had a therapy session). Now it is just me for the weekend. Sounds good.

I head out of here at 10 AM to do TONS of running around and I am grateful that I had a busy week. I have basically been going since Thanksgiving and been enjoying it. It's a cold, clear morning outside and I am making coffee and having a bowl of D&R blend tobacco. Feel good!

I just so happened to have the things to make vegetarian chili, so I made vegetarian chili. It was damn good. Oddly enough, as good as it is I only tend to make it when I am out of everything else. Haha. Tomorrow I am going grocery shopping for some of my favorites: eggs, avo, white bread wraps for quinoa wraps, etc., but until then I am low on food. I am not stressing it though because it is almost time for me to go to bed and I am full :)

This didn't have to be a dedicated blog post, but I am just very satisfied at the moment.

Be back in a bit!

I added an image to as well as a link to the PSShub blog (also hosted on from the Further Reading section but I am still calling this v.2.5. Also re-aligned some text, removed some (unnecessary) breaks/borders. v.4.0 will be very nice but I am not going to dig into all that right now. Having fun!

The appointment I had today is over and done with and was fairly uneventful. When I got home I put on a Classic Punk playlist on Spotify and jammed out for a little while. Stiff Little Fingers, Descendants, Bad Religion, etc. Great stuff. Then it was time for a vegetarian pasta and then, blogging. I am going to have a FULL day tomorrow, but the rest of my day is more or less free. I may look into how I am going to redesign for v.4.0. I want it to look completely different but I do not know exactly HOW it is going to look in the end. Seems like there are only so many things you can do with a Website, LOL!

Looking into this now

If you like a service someone is providing on the WWW, or their content, or whatever the case may be be sure to send them an e-mail letting them know you appreciate their effort. If you have social media, don't send them a message on there it's too quick, easy, and effortless. By going out of your way to compose an entire e-mail, even if it is just a sentence or two, it shows you made it a point to reach out to them to express your gratitude. And this really motivates people and, overall, is just a nice thing to do.

Notebooks, pens, and textbooks. Those are the three things left on my multi item checklist that I made out the other day. Got a lot done this week, for sure. And I check those three things off on Friday. Good times, indeed.

Now, coffee time. The water is being boiled and I am making this batch extra bold because it is early AM. And when the sun rises, I will go and buy a soda.

I have nothing exciting to write about because I just woke up, but life is exciting these days, indeed. Happy about that.

Made a Pong game. Basically just followed the directions on the PDF from the Scratch Website (I used Scratch 2). I am going to build a more complex game (at some point) that is actually fully-customized and super fun to play/watch. No time like now.

Just had a 15 minute micro-nap, or as the 'rents called it when I was begging them to wake up in the morning when I was a kid resting my eyes. But I feel better. Almost time for more coffee.

Usually at a time like this, I would ask how everyone else was doing, but, this is not a social network and people cannot (easily) respond to that inquiry, so I will not ask it.

I am experimenting with again. Gonna see what I can do with it/make of it. I know some people think it is the end-all, be-all note-taking app on the Web, but I tend to think of it as throw everything incl the kitchen sink at you type of service. Prettier than, and better than WordPress but a lot going on there.

Coffee is on

Joplin (the note-taking app that is FOSS) is a bit tricky on Linux, it seems. It is hosted on Github (very good) but I don't want to have to compile anything in order for it to work. But I guess I'll have to? Looking into that now.

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