This thing is fun! Made coffee, too. My back hurts slightly from the immediate upright position of good posture now that I have a massive screen in front of me. Really glad I did not go any bigger.

Now, STLCC classes:

  • Interpersonal Communications
  • Intro to Biology 1
  • General Psychology

Three (3) classes I am taking and the first two listed are split in half through the Spring 2020 semester. This is basically all I can afford at the moment. And I am enrolled in the NBS Payment Plan so I will owe $283.75 in four (4) payments throughout this semester. Everything is good. I still have to print off my class schedule and buy (rent) textbooks which is happening this Friday (before I go to Imperial, MO. for a therapy appointment). On that day, I will also buy notebooks and pens, etc.

All very dapper

The LTE hotpot is fine, too. All pretty basic. I got it connected across the room and I am not going to use it too much if I can avoid it. I mean I will be using it constantly, but only for litttttle data, like blog posts and whatnot. I was thrilled to see the ViewSonic monitor sitting on my doorstep when I arrived home, too. I thought they sent me a broken unit because the stand looked busted, but then I realized I was missing a piece and I had it sitting on my desk from the unboxing.

And I....think, that's, it. Now I am just configuring Chromium the way I want it, adding bookmarks, etc.

Be back in a bit!

I enrolled in STLCC, registered for classes, enrolled in the NBS payment plan, everything looks good!

Also, I got the ViewSonic monitor in the mail, set it up, set up the Pi and am blogging to you Now! I also got the Verizon JetPack LTE hotspot (that is providing me Internet at the moment.

Good times, indeed. More later.

On two hours of sleep (from 8PM 10PM last night). I FEEL very awake, though. I also had coffee a bit ago, so that helps.

ViewSonic display: better be delivered today. (But I am being patient)

I just watched an old AVGN episode where The Nerd (or perhaps this one was just James Rolfe) discussing Super Nintendo vs. Sega Genesis. His opinion matches mine that SNES was better than Genesis, though for different reasons, somewhat. SNES just had better games in my opinion. But it was cool to be taken back to the past to see an old debate like SNES v Genesis like everyone did back in the day if you were an 80s kid (90s kids dont count. LOL!).

Anyway, its 5AM on the dot, and I just burned through my last 25% of LTE data on this phone (yea, I got a free 2 gigabytes of data for some reason and I dont know why, I just rolled with it). I am getting the unlimited LTE hotspot later, so I dont really care that speeds will be throttled for the rest of the morning, but I tend to spend the majority of my time either writing here on this blog or in the Joplin app journaling, anyway, when I DO use the phone. I am going to do my best to get everything I use on the iPhone over to the RPi in terms of services (though, not specific apps, obviously). Then, when that is said and done, I can move forward with just using the Pi for basically everything I need to on the WWW. I am going to get a feature phone at some point (eyeballing the Nokia 3310), but until I am in the flow of using the Pi for everything, I will stick with the iPhone as like a sidekick.

OK, enough rambling. Be back in a bit!

Everything that can be setup is setup for the Raspberry Pi 4. It is the CanaKit (w/ 4gb RAM/32gb MicroSD) so it has everything I need for the setup incl HDMI to MiniHDMI (micro?) cord, aforementioned MicroSD with NOOBS OS pre-installed (that I can/will boot into Raspbian OS), USB-C power cord, case, heat sinks, and PiSwitch extension/adaptor for the power cord so I can switch the Pi on/off quickly. All that is needed is the display, and I am good to go. I also have a Bluetooth mouse...doodad connected to the Pi (using one of its USB 2.0 ports (not wasting a 3.0 port)) and obviously my little Logi keyboard (minus the doodad).

All is looking dapper. Like how everything is blacked-out and consistent in color scheme and am DEFINITELY glad I bought this one instead of the 2gb RAM model w/ 16gb MicroSD. That model came with a red/white case and matching (wired) keyboard and mouse but I really want the extra RAM and storage space, and prefer my own mouse and keyboard (not to mention black is a cool color).

I lucked out on the ViewSonic display, too. I originally thought I would have to buy a pair of speakers to go with this Pi, but it turns out that there are speakers built-in to the display. I hope they work good because I have had a number of audio issues with the RPi 3 Model B, and it seemed to be a recurring issue on the Raspberry Pi support forums. I hope that wont be an issue with the audio going through the HDMI and perhaps it was simply a headphone jack problem. Well see.

I am clearing off the bottom shelf of the two-shelf unit above my desk so I have storage for notebooks and whatnot so the desk STAYS clean unless it is study time (or project building time ;)) Keeping a clean and tidy space is necessary for me to keep a clear mind, and to just feel good about myself in general because I dont want to feel like a slob.

Thats about it. Be back in a bit!

::DISCLAIMER Smoking is bad for you::

I am having a bowl of Presbyterian Mixture tobacco, and it is a specialty tobacco from and it is what I started smoking when I got into tobacco pipes in November 2018. Just over a year ago. I made a tin of this last the entire month of November and the entire month of December (almost, finishing the final bowl on Dec. 25 eve). I felt like I didnt know much about tobacco pipes at the time, and now I feel much more experienced even though there re many more experienced than me, having met guys who have been into pipes since the 1970s.

This blend is just as I remembered it BBQ sauce-y, sweetness, and some dark boldness from the Latakia tips. The ambiance (sp?) it puts out into the room (or room note) is delightful, and will only be improved once I have the smell of REAL pine in my apartment when I get my Snoopy Tree (Friday). It is, a mood.

Anyway, Im wide awake. Feel good

Spent it all day waiting for the monitor to arrive. But the Pi came. As did the tobacco. I am over the fact that I spent the entire day waiting. The monitor will arrive tomorrow and it will be fine.

Also tomorrow I go and get the LTE hotspot for my apartment. I meet with an academic advisor for class enrollment. I get books, pens, notebooks, paperwork and such for the Spring 2020 STLCC semester. (And hopefully the monitor arrives)

I cannot wait to have the Pi setup on the kitchen/living room table and start doing the stuff I have wanted to do for a long time, work on the protects I have half-finished, etc.

Thats all for now

The RPi 4has been delivered and I have assembled the case, it on the heat sinks, and red through all the instructions. But I cannot do anything else until I get my monitor delivered (obviously). That is supposed to arrive by 8 PM tonight, but well see.

Also, I had my tobacco delivered. I already had a bowl of Presbyterian Mixture and it is just as fine as I remember it. Great stuff!

I cant wait to be up and running with the Pi. Fun device!

Raspberry Pi 4, ViewSonic monitor, and P&C order of tobacco. That is what is arriving today. I started the day with a trip to the vending machine (healthy right?) and it ate my quarters and gave me nothing in return. So, I came home and started coffee and that is what I am doing right now.

But still, I slept 8+ hours and I feel pretty good about that. Well rested (a far cry from yesterday). The doctor appointment is at 11, so I do not have to hurry this AM, either.

Thats it

Contradiction. Big time. I run, a site devoted to helping people DeGoogle themselves (stop using Google Services), I am vehemently anti-Google, and I swore I would only use Firefox (or even Safari) from now on until forever.

But, I am going to use Chromium on the RPi when the Pi 4 arrives in the mail tomorrow.

Why is this?

Because there is the least amount of friction between me, the browser, and the content I need to access on the STLCC portal where all of my online classes are going o be hosted (they call it Banner Self-Service and there is also BlackBoard). I am putting my priority of having a successful college experience ABOVE my disdain for Google. For now. No appy polly loggies. Just how it is going to be.

However, do I think YOU should run out and use Chrome if you primarily use your device(s) to consume content or for non-Web-centric work? Well, no. Even if you just use Safari at least Apple has somewhat of a big(ger) commitment to privacy than Google does. For sure.

As far as Gmail, Google Drive, and even Google Search all easily replaceable (and I have done so, and will continue to do so moving forward). ProtonMail, NextCloud, and DuckDuckGo replace the ones I just mentioned and those are just the few off the top of my head.

But anyway, just putting it out there that Chromium will be the (highly scaled-down, super-customized) browser I will be using on the Pi. There it is.

Instead I am listening to my punk playlist on Spotify and having a sodie and just enjoying the night.

Not what to say right now other than when I went to the vending machine to get the sodas, it was already dark outside (as per usual in Winter at this hour) and there were a LOT of people out and about. Weird.

I was very tired earlier until I slept for four hours and nowI am totally awake. This blog post can basically be marked as spam because I am just rambling but that brings me to my next point: we (people on NEED a drop down menu option for what goes to e-mail subscribers and what doesnt. The staff has been very helpful on this and I have a thing going in the Labs section of (as I mentioned the other day). Anyway, this blog post is a perfect example of what I would NOT send to e-mail subscribers because it is a little off-the-cuff and not well-written nor very interesting.

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