Sivers’ Wise Words On E-mail

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Derek Sivers is a fairly interesting man, but a really “normal” one if you ask me. People who are reading this blog likely already know who Derek Sivers is, so I will not go into too much about him, but he wrote the blog post linked about about having a private e-mail and aside from writing, texting, and communicating with people he knows through e-mail, he is mostly turned off by the Internet at large. I agree with him. I like the Internet but I still stumble across people in 2019 who spend ALL. OF. THEIR. TIME. on social networks and it is the exact same thing they have been doing since 2009! A decade ago! Like, give it a rest. The reward system has reached max capacity. Nothing “new” will come from this behavior!

On a side note about social media (and other Internet addictions) – I have said this on this blog before, but, in 2004/05 I was pathetically hooked on (a Flash/HTML5 cartoon/gaming Website) and I spent all of my time on there for two years playing games, watching cartoons, and participating in the high-speed forums. It wasn’t untilI went to Florida for a few months and got sober (from drinking and the Internet) that I decided I would not use anymore. In late-2006, when I was starting my first professional blog, I saw ALL these people swarm to a new thing called MySpace and I KNEW in my heart of hearts what would happen to them and what was happening to them – they were going to be as hooked on MS as I was on Newgrounds just a year prior. Then Facebook happened. Then Twitter. Then Instagram. Then Snapchat. Then the whole fucking WWW imploded on a social media bubble that kills all-possible time and productivity of society while simultaneously robbing us not just of our time (our most precious asset) but of our privacy.

So, I’ve seen it. And you know what? is still alive and thriving to this day. I choose to NOT use it. There was no mass exodus to justify me jumping ship. No “equivalent replacement”. No bankruptcy that forced me to do something else. No. Just me and my choice to get busy, get productive, delete my account, and pretend like the service never existed.

That’s all there is