Stats Day

Today was the best traffic/stats day for this blog since I started updating it again, over from (I used this blog, tmo, for close to a year before switching over, and then deleting MB, and now am back to tmo as of a month ago). I m not use what accounts for this and it isn’t like the traffic is “insane” by any means (quite humble tbh), but I like to see more people reading this stuff and the bounce rate going down, etc etc.

Anyway, I got some much-needed rest after staying up all night and seeing the liver doc in the morning (which I got good news about, shared previously), however – no mail packages delivered in the USPS today. Which means no RPi until tomorrow. Which means I get to wait some more (but is no big deal, really).

Tomorrow, a psychiatric appointment and then shortly after I should have both the RPi, the monitor, and P&C order awaiting for me on my doorstep when I return home. Let’s hope so, anyway.

I feel good. ‘Twas a good day. And as I mentioned before, I have several busy days this week (ALL of them, in fact).

Sidenote – I am noticing how iOS (whatever v this is) decides to not just autocorrect what it is I am writing, but also to flat out try to PREDICT what it is that I am going to write and autoCOMPLETES what I didn’t say yet, and 99% of the time it is just wrong. Does it on the Joplin app and Which makes me yearn for the RPi even that much more harder. NO autocorrect is the BEST autocorrect. And autocomplete can fly a kite!

Update on the LTE hotspot – getting it Dec. 4 as planned, but I am leaving the house early to go to BestBuy first, before the appointment with the academic advisor at STLCC, to choose the correct hotspot device (probably the Verizon JetPack (because it is the cheapest)). WHich means I will not have to feel rushed in any way to get out of the appointment and get bookstore books/supplies bought before 4PM when it gets dark and therefore my ride will not want to drive. What I am saying is: the day is starting earlier than usual and I will have p.le.n.t.y. Of time to choose the perfect LTE hotspot + the Unlim data plan (with SIM? It may have a SIM built-in?) with time to spare at STLCC for the academic advising + bookstore purchases.

Anyway, that’s about all for now. Have a good one,