Steve Jobs Video

There is a newly surfaced video of Steve Jobs (from 1980) that just got released my the Computer History Museum or whatever and in the video (which is very good) Jobs goes into detail about the philosophy of Apple and how computers are essentially like bicycles. He was quoting a piece from The Scientific American about the measurement of speed efficiency vs how long it took from getting from point A to point B. He described how man (humans) were fairly slow and inefficient, but when the man had a tool such as a bicycle, he was the most efficient.

But the philosophy was this (paraphrasing): the one-on-one interaction with a human and a computer, with the barrier of knowing how to USE that computer being lifted, will leverage the human brain to create efficiency in...XYZ (accounting, book keeping, creative work, scientific data evaluation, etc.) and that computers are simply a tool.

I am not stating anything that the #tech crowd hasn’t already known/talked about many times before, because it is taught in high school (or even grade school) that #technology (in this example, computers) are simply tools that we use to leverage human capabilities to achieve the task at hand. But it was fascinating to see him talk about all of this in 1980 (four years past the founding of Apple Computers) and see all the way back then what these machines were (are) truly for and how they could help evolve and even shape the human race.